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Save Your Water Soaked Cell Phone

First and foremost, DO NOT power on the phone until it is completely dry. The worst thing you can do to a wet phone is to power it up before it dries completely. Avoid that temptation, cut the power, and remove the battery as soon as possible. Your warranty most likely does not cover water damage so do not be afraid to open it and remove the battery. iPhones are at a disadvantage here and may have to make due with powering off the device only. If you have an extra memory card then remove it as well. Even if your phone doesn’t make it, the SIM card should still be fine.

Let it Dry

The priority now is to dry the phone. The faster the better, but be smart about it. Microwave ovens, conventional ovens, and hair dryers are all bad. You do not want to cook, warp, melt or otherwise over heat your phone. The inside is fragile, if nothing else the adhesives that hold the parts together will not react kindly to heat.

Instead, use canned air if you have it. Or a shop vac to vacuum out the excess moisture. You can even use a q-tip to dab out any stubborn water drops. Do not rub the water into the phone, dab it out. Do not use rubbing alcohol on the inside of your phone as the afore mentioned adhesives can dissolve from it.

Finally, use a desiccant (that’s a fancy word for something that absorbs stuff) to dry up any left over moisture. One of the most common items you can use is instant rice. Instant oatmeal, couscous, those little silica gel packets, and in a pinch even cat litter has been used and seems to work.

Put at least half a cup of instant rice, or your drying substance of choice in to a ziplock bag along with the phone, the battery, and the SIM card. Cover the phone with the rice, seal the bag, and let it sit. Overnight would be good, but the longer the better.

After the phone is sufficiently dried out put the pieces back together, cross your fingers, and power the phone back on. In many cases the phone will start up.

In the event your phone ends up in salt water then you will need to take out the battery and rinse the phone out with fresh water. You do not want the salt water to dry and leave a residue inside the phone. It’s already been wet so don’t be hesitant. That salty residue can be a corrosive.

If none of these options are available to you, simply put the open phone on a shelf and let it sit. Maybe have a fan blow across it. Over time, nature will take its course and evaporation will work its magic. The longer the better.

Many of these methods have worked for others and there is no reason they should not for you. They can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs or even the price of a new phone. Keep in mind that most phones have a sensor inside that will let any service technician know that the phone has gotten wet and the warranty has been voided. Since the warranty has been voided then you really have nothing to lose.

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Buy Them Online

Then there are the external frames and accessories all of which are specific to their brands and model numbers. Like every manufactured product, there is a thriving online market for such parts and with mobile phones becoming the most important accessory in today’s scenario, this marketplace is absolutely booming!

China is the largest market for mobile phones in terms of subscribers. They are also the world’s largest manufacturers of branded phones for other countries as well as off brand cell phones that they sell through various channels at very low cost. This is because they don’t spend much on research and design and manufacturers usually buy a case molding and fill it with their own components. These case moldings are based on internationally famous brands and so their local off brands get to plug into the popularity of the international brand and enjoy it as well.

So, the market for the parts for mobile phones is quite an interesting cocktail!

Who are the customers for the cell phone parts market?

They could be users like you and me or retailers of cell phones and parts

What sort of parts do these online sites sell?

· Terminal product repair parts like LCD screens, battery, and flex cable

· Accessories like earphones, tempered glass, USB cable chargers

· Repair tools

· Other products which are customized

How do you make the right choice of vendors for cell phone parts in such a scenario?

· Replacement screens are the most widely sold part of a mobile phone. One must always look for a good quality screen which has no dead pixels or dead spots and can match any OEM screen. In short, the parts should be of good grade. Many of them buy their parts in bulk, but such parts are of inferior quality and can’t be traced back to the manufacturer in case of defects.

· They should provide technical support as well. Some online retailers of cell phone parts have tie ups with manufacturers with whose cooperation, they can raise their quality of technical expertise.

· They should be able to meet specific demands, whether it is an OEM product or a Chinese copy etc.

· They should have good quality control and provide lifetime warranties for the products.

· Some of their customers like retailers would be happy with financial support like the assurance of credit.

The prices are indicated along with an image of the product. The various brands are all covered in most online cell phone parts sellers.

A good website selling cell phone parts goes by the name Cell phone parts for all major brands are sold online here. They also offer cellphones on various discount schemes.


Cell Phone Company Secrets

Now, I understand why this can be a cause for concern because there is nothing as annoying as not being able to communicate with your loved ones because you can not handle the bill at the end of the month. But sometimes, before we blame the providers for everything, there are many explanations as to why cell phone bills are skyrocketing and here are some of those reasons.

1. Smuggling of fees

Forgive my choice of words above but that’s what I believe a lot of carriers are doing. A lot of mobile carriers are either increasing their fees in fractions of percentages to the ignorance of the consumers. Over time, this is leading to an increase of fees in general. Some of the costs that were recently introduced and some of the costs that are being added to your bill every month are extra fees, such as early termination fee and contract extension fee.

2. Increase in taxes

In many countries, it is not a secret that the government taxes cell phone companies who then go on to charge these same taxes to the consumer. What this means is that if the government increases the taxes, everything will go up with your cell phone bill and you have to pay for it. Frustrating, isn’t it?

3. Limited Data

Back in the good old days, a lot of mobile carriers used to offer unlimited data plans as part of their packages but that was before they realized the simple fact that a lot of people, especially cell phone users, can really consume a lot of data. The solution? They started capping their data, which means you will have to pay every time your data runs out. I would recommend that you talk with you current provider and ask them how much data you have. I would also recommend that you negotiate whether they have a deal to fit your lifestyle better.

There are more reasons why cell phone bills are high but if you are in search of the top
3 reasons, they are above. You should talk to cell phone experts to see how to erase extra costs on your bill. Fortunately for you, there are experts who offer quality information on how to erase unwanted fees from a bill.

For a report that offers quality information on common fees to avoid in cell phone bills and information on cutting your bill in half, go to Lower Bill.

iPhone Software Updates

There is no reason that you should not be able to get four to five years out of your iPhone before you upgrade to another. They are well built, quality phones made to last. However, these updates can cut the lifespan by as much as two or three years. Therefore, anyone with a functional phone below the iPhone 7 should just ignore these prompts; ideally, you should still be on either iOS 8 or 9 for the iPhone 5 and 6 series. The software that comes with your phone already works perfect fine.

Also remember that once you update, you cannot reverse it. There are many ways that Apple will try to force you to update. One such tactic is that sometimes your phone will ask for the passcode but will write in small print that doing so will automatically update the phone sometime early in the morning. Down below, an even smaller button to opt out of this automatic update is the only way to prevent it. Another means, even harder to avoid, is that developers will update popular apps such as Facebook and Snapchat to be compatible with the newest iOS, which creates a disparity between your operating system and that of the app. In order to continue using it, you will most likely need to update your system. Hold out as long as you can and then either stop using the app, or update, but be informed about your choice.

The bottom line is that if you update an older model, you can essentially turn it into a paperweight. The battery and charging port can be serviced, as can other things, but repair stores can only do so much with an updated phone because many times, the phone will just short out new batteries or chargers. Be aware of what you are doing with your phone and also be mindful of the impact of buying a new, barely changed phone every year.

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By the time that new one rolls around, they’re already classifying the old one as outdated and dysfunctional. So, contrary to popular belief, they do not put that iOS 10 update on your iPhone 5s to improve it.